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The result is an income generating community of rural women who generally meet in groups for their beading activities and are thus able to talk to each other while about developing solutions around the various issues of HIV/ AIDS which impact their daily lives including AIDS orphans and children raising children. There is a need to look at the rural communities (where HIV & AIDS have hit the hardest) to ensure that those communities are capable of achieving self-sustenance and that in these communities there is empowerment and access to resources to address the issues of nutrition, treatment and care, all of which go hand in hand with fighting this epidemic.

Already some of these funds have been used to build and maintain the Bumbanani Center. This facility provides a safe haven and work center for rural women and children. From an early age, school children are being taught to design and manufacture these beaded items, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the development of their schools. This endeavor provides South African villages and schools an opportunity to be a part of the Thembalethu network.


The primary focus for Thembalethu Beaders is to provide assistance to women- training them to understand how to create and prepare products for marketing to overseas markets, stressing the importance of quality control and packaging, making it possible for the village to provide employment for its citizens.


Working in conjunction with corporations around the world, an opportunity exists to expand this network for women manufacturing beaded ornaments which results in an income generating community working collaboratively to address issues of global challenges.