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Become a part of our community by donating to Thembalethu Beaders & Bumbanani Creche.



In the rural mountains of KZN in the village called Galibasi.


“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exists in our world, none of us can truly rest.” – Nelson Mandela


Thuli Dumakude is the thread that weaves THEMBALETHU BEADERS and BUMBANANI CRÈCHE to what it has come to this day. Restoration of dignity and instilling a sense of purpose.

When we started on the beadwork project with the beading ladies, it became difficult for the ladies to separate themselves from their children that’s how Bumbanani Crèche was born.


With the help of Broadway Cares we were able to build a two room house; one for the beading ladies and another for their children.

We hired a caring young lady who was looking after the children. They were at preschool age so we created our own school calendar, feeding them breakfast and lunch.


Playtime, reading and reading. This required that we raise more money for sleeping foam mattresses, school supplies and more

But we didn’t have clean water and a tank was donated by our friends at Broadway Cares.


We still have a long way to go. What we need very urgently is fencing the school and build flushing toilets.

Choosing their favorite toys donated by friends.

Choosing their favorite toys donated by friends.

He found his toy

He found his toy.

Behind him is his sleeping mattress but he’s trying to open a box of crayons that were donated by friends

Behind him is his sleeping mattress but he’s trying to open a box of crayons that were donated by friends.

Shipping of goods (003)-2

Because of lack of clean running water learners have no choice but to drink water from this stream during recess

Shipping of goods (003)-3

There’s no time to sit and idle. These learners were taught by the beading ladies to make these bracelets. These bracelets are going to be sold to raise money for their school library

Shipping of goods (003)-4
Shipping of goods (003)-5

They may not have a playground but they use the little space that’s available to have fun. Their wish is to have a soccer field to play ball.

Shipping of goods (003)-6

One day these little ones will have a TV screen to watch their favorite programs. Television is a luxury in this village and many other villages around South Africa because they have no electricity. During winter they have to wear their jackets inside the classroom to keep themselves warm.

Shipping of goods (003)-7

Time to read and coloring

Shipping of goods (003)-8

Innovative and creative approach to the numerous challenges we are facing in South Africa.