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Our Approach

Thembalethu is based on an integrated approach and a new philosophy towards people, training, development, empowerment and business. The concept of  Thembalethu believes that an innovative and creative approach to the numerous challenges we are facing in South Africa will unleash great opportunities for those rural women giving them the ability to rid themselves of the limiting beliefs of the past.

Our Story

For more than 15 years Themablethu Beaders has devoted it time and energy to passionately fight Hunger, Poverty, HIV/AIDS.

Meet the Team

We're a team that consists of  thinkers, actress, creators, doers, builders.
"When a spider unites it can tie up a lion."


Thuli Dumakude


South African Born Thuli is an actress, singer, choreographer and vocal coach. A celebrated singer and activist, she toured the world performing musical concerts. Her charitable work includes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the Lion King and Companies in America, providing them beaded merchandise to raise fund for HIV/AIDS.

She has an estimated group of fifty five (55) rural women in the village of Galibase in Muden KZN  in South Africa that do Beadwork and sell it abroad to theater goers in New York.

Awards: Thuli is winner of the Sir Lawrence Olivier Award in London and the Obie in New York for her lead role in Poppie Nongena. She the winner of the three Audelco Awards in New York for writing, directing and performing her one woman show Buya Africa.

Theater: Thuli played Rafiki in the Lion King Broadway, Poppie Nongena in New York, London, Toronto, Australia and Chicago. She performed Bongi in Bongi's Journey at Crosswords Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Lost it in the Stars on Broadway, Kamadonseia (Lady Macbeth) in Welcome Msomi's Umabatha in South Africa and aboard.

Most recently Thuli is performing  Sing! A South African and American Musical Holiday Celebration  at the Theater in St. Clement’s for the holiday season.


Themba Msomi

Managing Director

Mr. Msomi is comprehensively developed and well balanced in a range of aspects.  Amongst the respectful hats he wears, two of his most favorite hats are fatherhood and creativity. His love for children , their well-being and that of the community at large stems from his home.

I love the job creation and creativity part for the women at Thembalethu. The smile on the children's faces when they receive books and clothing fuels my drive to provide them with more resources for their upliftment. His role oversees the day to day operations, ensures that orders are placed clients, raw material is bought and delivered to the women. He manages approximately 55 women who specialize in the bead craft.


Adam Jordan


Adam is a tactician and strategist. His involvement with Thembalethu Beaders stems from his extensive brotherhood with Themba.  After spending time in South Africa and experiencing first- hand how the women and children in the rural villages lived,  he was compelled to help those women and children. 

He created the Themabalethu Beaders site with the premise that if their work  can be exhibited and stories shared then perhaps it becomes more than just servitude but a way in which these villagers can build a better life for themselves and their families.

When you're connected to something that's bigger than you, it requires a greater level of resilience.

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