Bumbanani Creche

Bumbanani Creche provides a safe haven work center and day care facility which oversees the education of the young children.

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Our Mission

Increase global awareness about the Economic, Education, Health and Political inequities undermining the magnitude of women and children.

Then produce sustainable dignified and liberating opportunities for women and children through job creation.


South Africa has the highest number of people infected with HIV in the world.

We are taking one step at a time to help bring about knowledge and prevention of this disease.


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The Primary Focus of Thembalethu Beaders

Is to provide assistance to women; training them to understand how to create and prepare products for marketing to overseas markets stressing the importance of quality control and packaging, making it possible for the village to provide employment for its citizens.

Working in conjunction with the women we create wonderfully designed hand made beaded items which are sold worldwide.



Beaded Animals
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